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Desert Life & Culture

In Desert the first time you will be in the desert you will be touched by a new feeling of life. And you will see how different it is compared to the busy place you come from with so many colours of the sand and the rocks. Everything is clear, the sky in the day, the stars in the night, the water and the earth. And day by day in the desert you will discover in yourself many kinds of feelings. Maybe a virus will touch you to come back again and again.

The colorful land of Rajasthan is wrapped in mystery and splendor that attracts even the most avid traveler. It is a land that still reverberates with the tales of the chivalry and valor of its rulers. Here, you will get countless opportunities to take part in some of the most breathtaking spectacles of traditional fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. And if it is the nature that attracts you the most, Rajasthan offers various wildlife sanctuaries and reserves to explore.

The fairs and festivals reflect the rich , multi - faceted Rajasthani culture . The festivals are lively , colorful and cosmopolitan in culture with the trendy camps , sunset , dances , music , call of desert , your spirit becomes so indulged in the land that it become difficult for you to retrace. Pushkar and Jaisalmer comes to life during the festival .

Tourists from all over the world are drawn towards the holy and golden city to enjoy this colorful spectacle of music and festivity . The city rejoices in the rhythmic dance - the Ghoomar , Gair , Kalbelia, Chari and Terahati . The fire dancers are the highlight of the festival .

The traditional musical instruments are like Kamayacha , Sarangi , Algoza , Khartal , Surnda , Morchang , Matka , Nad , etc . are played and folk songs of the desert are sung by Langas and Manganiyars of the region .