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Chandani Desert Resort and Camp

Chandani Desert Resort Camp is a beguiling heaven ad mists the dunes of khuri with charming exteriors and creative interiors. The camp is a jewel in ad mist of the soft golden sand. Designed like an old desert fortress, the Resort Camp offers various comfortable stay in luxurious tents. Chandani desert Safari camp in Jaisalmer is one of the best Desert camp in Jaisalmer Rajasthan. Chandani Desert Resort Camp offer guests a chance to spend time in the midst of the desert and enjoy the various desert safari camps in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer is known for its valiant history, vibrant and colorful culture, warm hospitality and its delicious cuisine. Chandani Desert Resort Camp is a symbol of this culture and warm hospitality with a personal touch. Chandani Desert Resort Camp provide Jaisalmer adventure camp in the entire sum of jaisalmer and nearby area. If you are planning a trip to jaisalmer then you must visit our resort camp. These tents are mounted with all the necessary facilities required. Gala party and Sand dunes in jaisalmer is most attractive destination of our Jaisalmer tour package. In Jaisalmer, for local site seen you should also visit Jaisalmer resort, sand dunes in jaisalmer, sunset point at sum jaisalmer. Desert safari in Jaisalmer Rajasthan is the special attraction in all over India. Nowhere can you find the adventures trip of jaisalmer. We are here to welcome you.

Chandani Desert Resort Camp is an ideal for your holidays, corporate visit. Jaisalmer is famous for its sand dunes which gives a glimpse of golden sand. The colorful land of Rajasthan is wrapped in mystery and splendor that attracts even the most avid traveler. With its adventure camps & rhythmic dance - the Ghoomar , Gair , Kalbelia, Chari and Terahati and their musical instruments such as Kamayacha , Sarangi , Algoza , Khartal , Surnda , Morchang , Matka & Nad. Surrounded by various animals is another amazing experience to have a look at their natural habitat. The wide range include sand grouse, partridge, bee -eaters, larks and shriskes. Chandani Desert Resort Camp also provide holiday packages and new year celebration packages in jaisalmer with traditional approach.

Royal Camps

Running its services for 24 hrs. a day Chandani Desert Resort and Camp provides full boarding and lodging at their camps & huts in Royal Swiss Cottage Tents with hospitality of international standards. Chandani Desert Resort and Camp modern and hygienic kitchen provides not only sumptuous Indian, Continental and Chinese treats but the exotic local cuisine too.


Our Royal Swiss cottage tent provide you hassle free accommodation , Royal Swiss cottage tents are spacious comfort bedroom are ' made of triple ply canvas with roll up windows and doors . All Royal Swiss cottage tents are equipped to brave desert climate, that's why Royal Swiss Cottage Tents are on Iron framed and Triple ply canvas . Royal Swiss Cottage Tents are attached with western style toilets . Toilets are and ' site out open veranda . Amenities such as Chairs , Table and comfortable ply beds with thick mattresses .